Prevention of Blindness

Statistics say 50% of blindness is preventable. The Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped promotes eye health and safety through Vision Screenings for children and adults and a variety of public awareness and educational programs.

Our services include preschool vision screenings, adult vision screenings and eye safety programs. We conduct these presentations and screenings for preschools, elementary schools, industries, businesses, community organizations and senior centers. Please call us at (814) 536-3531 if your group would like to schedule a vision screening or presentation event.

Early childhood is a critical time for the development of good vision. One in every ten pre-schoolers has an undetected vision problem. Because early detection is so important, we offer many programs for children of all ages. These include Treasure in Sight, Play it Safe and C. Well Bunny.

Many research studies have proven the importance of vision in learning and academic success. Please call us at (814) 536-3531 to schedule a vision screening for your child or an educational event for your group.