PV Magazine article on new technology - 50 Array Changers

“The Array Changers,” an article in the latest issue of PV Magazine, listed 50 exciting new components that are “making PV shine.” Number one was the Tesla Powerwall, number two was solar log-on from your new Apple Watch, and fourteen was CAB Cable Rings and Saddles. It’s nice to be in such cool company, hand-picked from around the world and across the supply chain.

The article explained how CAB’s solar hangers are proving to be a low-cost alternative to cable trays, cutting BoS installation costs and helping avoid future maintenance problems. It wrapped with a mention of our “array-changer” – being named an Intersolar 2014 Finalist.

Thanks PV Magazine for the kind words, and thanks to all the engineers and customers who have helped us refine and improve our CAB Solar product line. We are very grateful.

-January 22, 2016

Click here for full PV Magazine article.

CAB Solar Hanger Side by Side asymmetrical with data wire