CAB High Visibility Reflective Tubes

Greatly Improves Visibility and Safety
Provides 360° Visibility in 11 Brilliant Colors

High Visibility Reflective Markers in MineCAB Reflective Tubes are the industry favorite for marking off unsupported mine roof.  (Pictured CAB #749)

CAB Reflective Tubes greatly improve visibility and safety when marking low roof, hazard areas, unsupported roof, etc.  Tubes can also be slid over rods for marking haulage roads and unload areas. Eleven different colors available on tubes. Colors may be used alone or in combination with another on individual tubes. Striped tubes have reflective bands alternating with sections of black non-reflective tubing. Solid tubes have reflective bands adjoining each other to provide a solid reflective surface.

Made from lightweight, durable 1-1/4″ (32mm) diameter thin wall black tubing covered with microprism retro-reflective vinyl. Has exceptional brilliance and true colors for marking and identification. Smooth reflective surface won’t impregnate with dust and dirt like other reflective materials. Can be wiped clean to restore brilliance. Tubes may be hung vertically with 1 grommet or horizontally with no grommets or 2 grommets. Optional S-hooks available for faster installation. Packaged 50/box. Standard lengths listed above.


CAB-4foot-ReflectiveTubes-croppedCAB Reflective Tubes provide the solution for a complete mine color code identification system. (Pictured CAB #6871)

CAB Reflective Tubes and Streamers
are offered in these standard lengths:

6″ (152mm),  12″ (305mm),  18″ (457mm),
24″ (610mm),  30″ (762mm),  36″ (914mm),
48″ (1.2m),  60″ (1.5m),  72″ (1.8m)
Custom sizes available.

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CAB Reflective Tubes in lengths 6 inches ot 6 feet


CAB High Visibility Reflective Streamers

Highly Reflective Streamers

Heavy weight, double-sided reflectors useful in a wide variety of underground applications. Manufactured from microprism retroreflective vinyl with brass grommet. Extremely brilliant with true color reflection. Available in 11 different colors for a complete mine color code identification system. Both sides can have the same color or 2 different colors. One side may also be non-reflective. Flexible and impact resistant with a smooth surface that can be wiped clean. Available with S-hook or special roof plate clip for quick installation, as shown on opposite page. Streamers are 1-3/8” (35mm) wide in standard lengths listed above. Also available with wording such as “MANDOOR”, “CAUTION”, “SHUT-OFF VALVE”, etc. Packaged 50/box. Some minimums apply on custom orders.

CAB Reflective Markers


CAB High Visibility Clip-On Markers

Installs Quickly and Easily on Plates
Stays Oriented in Proper Direction at All Times

Clip-On Markers

Clip-On Marker

Custom wording is available on any reflector to improve identification and safety.  Pictured CAB Green Clip-On Markers with Door in White Letters

CAB Clip-On Markers are exceptionally brilliant reflectors that quickly and easily attach to roof bolt plates with CAB’s exclusive “tight grip” clip-on system. CAB’s installation clips are made from heavy duty galvanized spring steel that firmly grips plate to securely hold reflector in proper position at all times. Quick and easy clip-on system saves time compared to installing reflectors with tie wire or cable ties.

Clip-On Marker

Markers are made from high visibility retroreflective vinyl, exceptionally brilliant and impact resistant. Ideal marker for identification of primary and secondary escapeways. Custom wording available: “DOOR”, “PUMP”, etc. Markers 2” x 7” or 2″ x 9″ (51mm x 178mm or 51mm x 229mm). Available in 11 colors. Same or different colors on each side. Minimums may apply on custom orders.

CAB’s innovative clip system can also be used on CAB Reflective Tubes and Streamers.

Clip-On Marker

CAB Clip-On Markers are an industry favorite for identification of primary and secondary escapeways.

CAB Clip-On Marker Standard Colors:
CAB 468 red/green, 2″ x 7″ (51mm x 178mm), 50/box, 31 lb. (1.4kg)
CAB 7201 red/green, 2″ x 9″ (51mm x 229mm), 50/box, 31 lb. (1.4kg)
CAB 469  red/yellow, 2″ x 7″ (51mm x 178mm), 50/box, 31 lb. (1.4kg)
CAB 7202  red/yellow, 2″ x 9″ (51mm x 229mm), 50/box, 31 lb. (1.4kg)
CAB 470   red/red, 2″ x 7″ (51mm x 178mm), 50/box, 31 lb. (1.4kg)
CAB 7209 red/red, 2″ x 9″ (51mm x 229mm), 50/box, 31 lb. (1.4kg)
CAB 474 white/white, 2″ x 7″ (51mm x 178mm), 50/box, 31lb. (1.4kg)
(Many other colors available.)

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CAB High-Visibility Sidewall Markers

Manufactured from brilliant reflexite material for extra visibility. Full size galvanized metal bracket insert with 90º bend and hole for side wall mounting. Markers are 2″ x 7″ (51mm x 178mm) and reflective on one or both sides. Heavy black webbing on all non-reflective sides. Available with custom wording.

 CAB High Visibility Sidewall Markers



Highly Visibility Sidewall Markers


CAB Color Chart for Tubes, Streamers and Markers

CAB-Reflective Color Chart

√ Provides complete mine color code identification system.
√ Improves safety by identifying hazards, escapeways, doors, etc.

√ Tubes, streamers, markers made in single or multiple colors.
√ True colors are reflected for improved identification and safety.

√ Won’t impregnate with dust and dirt like other reflective material.
√ Reflects at wider angles and greater distances for better visibility.

√ Microprism retroreflective vinyl is durable, impact resistant and exceptionally brilliant.