CAB S-Hooks

CAB S-Hooks in various standard and custom sizes
Safe, Strong and Durable S-Hooks
in Standard and Custom Sizes

Highly Effective for OSHA Housekeeping Requirements


Heavy duty CAB S-Hooks are designed for hanging all types of electrical cables, control wires, hoses, pneumatic lines or pipes. Very useful for meeting OSHA housekeeping requirements.

Highly reliable and very strong. Can handle large cables or heavy bundles of cables. Available in three standard sizes, as well as custom configurations. Offered in standard orange or custom black color.

Extremely cost effective compared to other hangers on the market. CAB’s unique S-Hook combines the strength of steel and the corrosion resistance of plastic, all in one hanger. 

Manufactured from high tensile strength steel with heavy UV rated plastisol coating over 100% of the surface.

Thick 80 mil (2mm) high dielectric grade plastisol has a 400-volt per mil (.03mm) dielectric breakdown strength. Coating is also flame retardant and very abrasion resistant.  Large capacity top and bottom loops.

CAB S-Hook Table of Sizes & Dimensions

CAB S-Hooks with Top and Bottom Loop Dimensions


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