Work Adjustment

Work Adjustment

The Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped offers a Personal Work Adjustment Program to help people with disabilities become acclimated to working in a professional setting, such as a factory, office, restaurant, hospital or other institution.

The program helps individuals understand the attitudes and behaviors that will be expected when they leave home or school and go to work. Simply put, it helps them to adjust to everyday life in a professional workplace, where they will encounter people they do not know, who may be their supervisors or coworkers.

The program helps participants with practical life skills like managing the money they will earn. There are discussions on topics such as how to budget money, complete banking transactions, and comparison shop. Individual counseling and group activities help clients be ready and able to solve any problems they might encounter at their job.

Disabilities can be very isolating, and CCABH tries to help clients become part of the community mainstream. This is the Social Orientation component of our Work Adjustment Program. We offer our clients enjoyable social and recreational activities, such as seasonal parties or dinners, shopping trips, and occasional tours of area attractions.

CCABH also provides individual, group, and family counseling services to support clients and help them to continue their progress. As needed, individuals may be referred to appropriate community agencies for additional help with specific needs.