CAB Cable Rings and Saddles in Mining & Tunneling

PVC Coated Cable RingCAB Cable Rings and Saddles deliver safe, strong and durable support for all types of electrical, communications and control  wiring. They perform as a high quality mini-cable tray system for a fraction of the cost of cable tray.

CAB Cable Rings install quickly and easily for large labor savings on the job site. They install in seconds and the innovative design provides a strong, tight grip of the CAB Ring to the messenger wire. This allows cables to be pulled long distances quickly and easily. The wide load bearing area of CAB Saddles provides extra cable support and protection. CAB Cable Rings and Saddles have plenty of capacity for the support of AC cables or large bundles of string wiring.

CAB Cable Rings and Saddles offer significant cost savings compared to cable tray. Initial material costs are much lower, plus labor costs are reduced during installation. In future years, CAB Cable Rings and Saddles offer easy access for additional wiring, troubleshooting or maintenance tasks.

Photo of CAB Cable Rings and Saddles, steel with brass saddles, uncoatedFor maximum corrosion resistance, CAB Cable Rings and Saddles are manufactured from class 3 galvanized steel or type 316 stainless steel in rolled flat wire form. This high quality material provides a smooth, flat surface for the support of cables and rounded edges for the protection of cable jackets. The advanced roll-form design, combined with the strong spring temper of the wire, provides a tight, secure attachment of the cable ring to the messenger wire.

CAB PVC Coated Rings and Saddles

CAB PVC Coated Cable Rings and Saddles offer maximum safety and protection for cables. CAB’s PVC Plastisol coating is high dielectric grade, flame retardant, UV stabilized and very abrasion resistant. CAB’s heavy 80 mil (2mm) thick PVC coating has a dielectric breakdown strength of 400 volts per mil (.025mm). CAB’s high performance coating is applied to 100% of the surface, which makes cable rings totally insulated, sparkproof, and extremely durable in corrosive environments.

CAB’s PVC Plastisol coating virtually eliminates slippage and movement of Cable Rings after installation.This is due to the molding action of the PVC coating to the individual strands of the messenger wire within the attachment section of the Cable Ring. This improved gripping action assures uniform spacing of Rings which provides a safer cable support system.

CAB Spacing Guide

Rings 1-1/2″ through 2-1/2″ (38mm – 64mm) space apart 15″ to 20″ (381mm – 508mm).
Rings 3″ through 6″ (76mm – 152mm) space apart 12″ to 15″ (305mm – 381mm).

Exact spacing depends on type of cable, nature of installation and loading requirements.

CAB Standard Style Rings – Sizing and Packaging Information

Chart illustrating sizing, packaging and weight of CAB Saddles in aluminum, brass and stainless steel

CAB Sizing Guide

Cable Ring Size Guide

CAB Long Style Rings – Sizing and Packaging Information

Chart illustrating sizing, packaging and weight of CAB long style cable rIngs


Order CAB Cable Rings and Saddles separately or as convenient combo units, already assembled for faster installation.

CAB Long Style Cable Ring & Saddle

CAB Cable Ring Saddles

  • CAB Saddles offer a 1-inch (25mm) wide load-bearing area for extra support and protection of cables. This is especially important when running heavy cables or multiple cables.
  • CAB Saddles install quickly and easily on any size Cable Ring.They are strong, lightweight and extremely durable.
  • CAB Saddles feature an integral locking system for secure attachment of the Saddle to the Cable Ring.

CAB Saddles for Standard and Long Style CAB Cable Rings

For maximum corrosion resistance, CAB Saddles are manufactured from aluminum, brass, or stainless steel.


Chart illustrating sizing, packaging and weight of CAB Saddles in aluminum, brass and stainless steel