My CHOICE, My Work, My Life

The Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped thanks our employees and families, staff and local legislators for coming together to convey the message of CHOICE, that is a person with a disability has the right to choose where to work. 

We recently made several trips to Harrisburg and Washington DC to express our concerns on the impact of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) as regards employment of persons with disabilities.

WIOA was a very complicated piece of legislation, but thankfully we were able to make our views known, and our legislators listened.  

A special THANK YOU to PA Senator Wayne Langerholc for touring our facility, meeting with parents and working with fellow legislators to explain, educate and rally for all Pennsylvania citizens with disabilities.  Your dedication and commitment to serve persons with disabilities and their families is courageous and commendable.

Below are photos of CAB employees, families and staff visiting with Senator Langerholc in Harrisburg.

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New 2017 CAB Brochure for Mining and Tunneling Industries

CAB Hooks, Hangers and Safety Products Catalog for Mining and Tunneling IndustriesWe’re pleased to announce publication of our new 2017 brochure of hooks, hangers and safety products for the mining and tunneling industries. We’ve added a number of new, improved items, and photos of CAB products on the job underground. We hope our customers will find the new brochure helpful. Please call us or fill out the the Contact Us form on this website to request as many copies of our new catalog as you may need for your operation.

To see a flipbook of the new brochure, click on the photo. CAB new products insignia 2017-2018

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CAB Solar Achieves Important International Safety Listing

Intertek ETL Listed US and Canada InsigniaCAB Solar has achieved Intertek’s internationally recognized ETL safety listing for its cable management system for solar power plants. CAB’s patent pending Cable Management System is now ETL listed by Intertek to four Safety Standards: UL 2239, UL 1565, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 18.4-15 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 18.5-13.

CAB Products Solar Triple CarrierCAB’s innovative cabling system has been installed in over 1.4 GW of solar projects within the past year. CAB Solar has gained wide acceptance because it is quick and easy to install, and it provides much lower and more predictable costs than cable tray or trenching.

Allen Smith, general manager at CAB, expressed gratitude to the solar industry for their great support of the CAB product line. He noted: “A primary benefit of the CAB system is that it standardizes cable management and helps lower engineering costs in a developer’s portfolio of projects. We now have over 25 designs to meet the specific cabling requirements of solar project developers.”

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CAB Introduces New Heavy Duty S-Hooks

Cover of CAB S-Hook Sales FlierCAB S-Hooks are a quick and easy solution to meeting OSHA housekeeping requirements. They hook to almost any support and stand up to constant use indoors or outside in extreme weather, in temporary or permanent applications.

CAB S-Hooks are manufactured from high tensile spring steel, and they are far stronger and more durable than competitve products. CAB S-Hooks are completely insulated with a heavy PVC plastisol coating which makes them non-conductive, corrosion resistant, flame retardant, smooth and very easy to handle. Click here to download and print CAB S-Hook flyer.

CAB S-Hooks with Top and Bottom Loop Dimensions


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CAB Solar Featured in SOLARPRO Magazine

CAB Solar article in SOLARPRO magazine July-August 2016 issueCAB Solar scored two home runs in the most recent issue of SOLARPRO Magazine. The popular magazine’s July/August 2016 issue featured a full page profile of CAB’s Solar Wire Management System plus a recommendation in the cover article about Best Practices for Electrical Balance of System Optimization.

The CAB Solar profile examined the advantages of an aerial cable support system versus trenching or cable tray. It presented a concise overview of how messenger wire cable support systems are deployed in large scale solar applications and explained the most cost effective uses of these systems. The article’s profile photo depicted CAB hangers at a large solar installation in Florida.  

CAB’s second mention in SOLARPRO was in the issue’s feature article about opportunities and strategies for eBOS cost reductions. CAB solar hangers were named a favorite for dc homerun conductor management.

Click here to download and print pdf file of CAB’s Q&A profile in SOLARPRO.

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CAB Solar Hangers Selected in PV Magazine’s Top 50

CAB Solar Hanger Side by Side asymmetrical with data wire“The Array Changers,” an article in the latest issue of PV Magazine, listed 50 exciting new components that are “making PV shine.” Number one was the Tesla Powerwall, number two was solar log-on from your new Apple Watch, and fourteen was CAB Cable Rings and Saddles. It’s nice to be in such cool company, hand-picked from around the world and across the supply chain.

The article explained how CAB’s solar hangers are proving to be a low-cost alternative to cable trays, cutting BoS installation costs and helping avoid future maintenance problems. It wrapped with a mention of our “array-changer” – being named an Intersolar 2014 Finalist.

Thanks PV Magazine for the kind words, and thanks to all the engineers and customers who have helped us refine and improve our CAB Solar product line. We are very grateful. Click here to see the full article.

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Expansion and Upgrades at CAB Johnstown

Construction to expand our headquarters on Central Avenue in Johnstown, PA is nearly complete, which will double our building size from 57,000 to 108,000 square feet. The new addition is providing needed manufacturing space to help us better fulfill our mission to employ persons with disabilities.

The second floor of the addition, which our Board has named the R.C. Bosserman Industrial and Rehabilitation Center, offers a 6,000 square foot activity room-banquet hall with a kitchen. In the attached photos, you see the room set for our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon for our workers with disabilities. We hosted about 250 people for this event. Other photos show final construction work still happening. We’re grateful for all the effort that has gone into this much needed addition.

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CAB Solar Hangers Featured in IAEl Magazine

Cover of IAEI March-April 2015 JournalThe International Association of Electrical Inspectors featured several styles of CAB Solar Hangers in its March-April 2015 journal. The theme of the issue was “Supports Reinforce our Safety,” and a prime focus was the rapidly growing solar industry.

One of the main articles, Support of Exposed Cable for PV Systems, examined best practices for cable support in large ground-mount PV systems. The authors cited CAB’s Solar Hangers as an example of a safe, effective wire management system. Several photos featured CAB’s new innovative designs for separation of cables.

Click here to review the article on the IAEI website, or click here to print a pdf of the article. The IAEI is the keystone of the electrical industry promoting electrical safety throughout the industry by providing premier education, certification of inspectors, advocacy, partnerships, and expert leadership in electrical codes and standards development. 

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CAB Solar Hangers Selected as Finalist for Intersolar 2014 AWARD

CAB Cable Rings and Saddles seelcted as finalist for Intersolar AWARD 2014CAB Cable Rings and Saddles for PV Ground Mount Cable Management were selected as a Finalist for the Intersolar AWARD 2014 in the Photovoltaics Category. 

Intersolar Europe, held in Munich, Germany, is the largest solar trade show in the world.CAB Cable Ring and Saddle with UV rated PVC Coating CAB president, Dick Bosserman, expressed gratitude for this prestigious international recognition. He noted that CAB’s innovative solar wire management system has been generating great interest in the solar industry as a cost effective alternative to burying cable or using cable tray.

Earning recognition as a Finalist for the Intersolar 2014 AWARD is a great honor in itself. To visit web page about CAB Cable Rings and Saddles, please click here.

For brochure about CAB Cable Rings and Saddles for the solar industry, please click here. 

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White Paper Examines Use of CAB Products in Solar PV Arrays

Cover of White Paper by Brooks Engineering

Cable management is critical to the safety and longevity of nearly every Solar PV System. This is primarily due to the extensive use of exposed cables used in the DC PV array.”

We include here a White Paper, updated in September 2014, published by Brooks Engineering, which reviews the requirements of the 2014 NEC as they relate to CAB Cable Rings and Saddles in solar PV arrays.  Click here to read this important White Paper.

“In summary, using purpose-built products like CAB Cable Rings and Saddles for DC cable management in a PV Array is well substantiated by the NEC and industry installation standards.”   -from Brooks Engineering White Paper

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