Vocational Evaluation

A mental or physical disability does not mean a person cannot have a job. The Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped teaches people with disabilities how to work despite the challenges they face. Going to work, earning a paycheck, making friends, and being part of society gives a person a sense of accomplishment. It’s an important part of what makes life full and rewarding for all of us.

At CCABH the process of finding a job usually begins with Vocational Aptitude Testing. Our rehabilitation staff evaluates each individual’s capabilities, strengths, and interests through a series of specialized test and chore activities. In the Job Sampling phase of the testing, a client is asked to do thirty specific tasks that may be required as part of a particular job. Job Sampling activities may include sorting items or stacking boxes or operating a calculator. In the Situational Assessment phase, an individual is temporarily assigned to do a specific job in the CCABH work center, under the supervision of our rehabilitation staff.

After careful analysis of the Vocational Aptitude test results, we provide one on one professional training in the specific skill areas that seem best suited to an individual’s strengths and interests. This training might include learning skills like packaging, assembly, metals-forming, industrial sewing, welding, cleaning, and material-handling. Our training is highly individualized, and usually leads to long term employment at CCABH or elsewhere in the local community.