CAB, which stands for the Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped, provides job opportunities and services to persons with disabilities. Last March when Covid-19 struck, Pennsylvania’s governor decreed that all non-essential businesses in Pennsylvania must close. Fortunately CAB was deemed an essential business, however many of our employees with disabilities are among the most vulnerable, and that high-risk group was mandated to stay at home. 

So when faced with the threat of Covid-19, CAB did what we do best. Our professional staff formulated a plan, adapted, and went into action. Our employees with disabilities followed government requirements and did not come to work. Almost our entire administrative staff shifted to our Ebensburg division and focused on our metals forming operations. 

Our supervisors, management, sales team, and rehabilitation staff rolled up their sleeves and started bending hangers, boxing orders and shipping.  Customers were called and ship dates modified. We are proud to say we were able to continue to pay ALL of our staff and our employees with disabilities during a most difficult and frightening time.

CAB has continued to comply with all CDC and government guidelines. All staff and employees are wearing masks and washing hands frequently. All our workstations have been modified to comply with social distancing. We brought our most vulnerable employees back to work gradually to enable one on one education on new policies and sanitation procedures. Nearly all of our employees with severe disabilities are now back to work, although some are still on a modified schedule due to social distancing requirements, particularly at our Ebensburg Division which is in the midst of major construction begun last fall before anyone really knew the phrase Covid-19.

We thank all of our customers for their understanding these past months. We know the future is uncertain. At the same time we know CAB is a vital business in the solar, mining, and electrical industries. We want our valued customers and our employees and their families to know CAB will continue to adapt as our world changes. We are striving to help our wonderful staff and employees to be successful and to make our many loyal customers proud to purchase CAB Products.

Tim Wedding, CAB Solar Sales Manager

Tim Wedding, CAB Solar Sales Manager, came in every day during the COVID-19 PA shutdown. He worked alone in his Johnstown office answering customer questions, taking orders and modifying and updating ship dates.

Brian, Assistant General Manager

Brian, Assistant General Manager, worked in bracket assembly for our solar management system.

Jeanne, CAB IT/Accounting Support Technician, and Glennda, CAB Floor Supervisor

Jeanne, CAB IT/Accounting Support Technician, and Glennda, Floor Supervisor, assisted with dipping and boxing of CAB Solar Hangers.

Robin, CAB Assistant Director of Rehabilitation

Robin, CAB Assistant Director of Rehabilitation, sewed reflective rings for our high visibility reflective tubes used in mines to mark a low roof, hazard area or unsupported roof.

Kim, sewing machine operator

Kim, sewing machine operator, is now back to work at CAB. Kim sews safety vests for PA Dept. of Transportation workers. CAB’s sewing department was closed during the PA mandate. Kim has worked for CAB for 38 years.

Jim bends metal hangers

Jim is back to work now bending metal hangers to be used in mining applications. Jim stayed in contact with CAB on a weekly basis to keep up to date with when we were bringing our employees back to work. His only source of income is his paycheck from CAB which he continued to receive.