Sep 2020

CAB’s Andrea Brooks Receives 2020 Unique Source Award


Andrea Brooks, a CAB employee for the past 13 years, has been awarded Unique Source's 2020 Achievement Award. Unique Source champions employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and helps to market CAB Products to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other government entities.   Andrea works in our Johnstown sewing department. She’s extremely diligent and reliable with nearly perfect work attendance. Her primary responsibilities include inspecting, trimming, and bagging CAB's sewn products. She is known for her incredibly positive and upbeat attitude. She says the favorite part of her job is learning new things and being challenged. She also enjoys the many social events, especially bowling, baseball games, and trips to Idlewild Park and Duman’s Dam hosted by the Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped. Kory Hughes, Director of Operations of our Johnstown and Ebensburg [...]

CAB’s Andrea Brooks Receives 2020 Unique Source Award2020-10-06T10:17:54-04:00
Sep 2019

CAB Expanding Ebensburg Division


CAB's Ebensburg Division is expanding and modernizing its Manufacturing and Rehabilitation departments. Here is an aerial view of the construction activity currently underway. This building expansion will help us to better meet the needs of our customers in Cambria County and worldwide. 

CAB Expanding Ebensburg Division2020-03-24T16:10:51-04:00
Nov 2018

2018 NECA Showstopper Award goes to CAB’s new Solar Cable Management System with Integrated Grounding


The National Electrical Contractors Association has honored CAB Products with its coveted Showstopper Award in recognition of the innovative technology and economic benefits of CAB’s new Solar Cable Management System with Integrated Grounding. The patented system, designed and manufactured by CAB Products, is expected to impact electrical cabling methods in the construction of solar power plants worldwide. CAB’s new Integrated Grounding System utilizes CAB multi-carrier hangers together with a specially designed copper composite messenger wire which provides structural support for the cable management system while at the same time providing sufficient ampacity for fault current duty. Using a messenger wire for a grounding conductor is fully permitted by the NEC. CAB’s custom designed messenger wire and grounding hardware provide both the Equipment Grounding Conductor (EGC) and the Grounding Electrode Conductor (GEC). CAB’s Integrated Grounding System [...]

2018 NECA Showstopper Award goes to CAB’s new Solar Cable Management System with Integrated Grounding2019-05-08T13:22:37-04:00
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